One of the first things you need to know about motor insurance is its basic purpose. Motor insurance is designed to protect you if an accident happens. Although we don’t like to consider the possibilities, it is extremely feasible that at some point in time you will have to deal with the consequences of an accident. That is not the time to find out you don’t have the right kind of motor insurance. The truth is that quality insurance can provide real peace of mind. As per UAE regulations, it is mandatory for both nationals and expatriates to obtain at least third-party insurance to register a car in the U.A.E.  This is the most basic form of motor vehicle insurance and it covers liability to a third party (the other person involved) in the event of an accident. The more popular type of insurance that most car owners will obtain is comprehensive insurance. This insurance includes any accidental loss or damage to the insured vehicle and covers losses against third parties When procuring quotes for your car insurance you will get a variety of quotes which may differ substantially in price. The main factors that influence the premium are:

1.Type of vehicle and its value

2.Age, experience & claims history of the driver

3.Additional covers

But don’t just be influenced by price!

You should take the insurance product that works best for you, and your needs. Instead focus on what kind of cover or benefits you would prefer with your car insurance: These could include:

1. Repairs to be conducted at your car dealership, also known as Agency, or at another authorized garage, also known as Non-Agency

2. Cover for your vehicle in Oman or other GCC countries

3. Personal Accident Insurance for both the driver and passengers in the vehicle

4. Protection against damage caused by natural calamities (floods, hail, sand storms etc)

5. A Rental Car service in the case of car repairs

6. Breakdown Recovery service

7. Loss or damage to possessions in the vehicle

8. Off road cover for 4 x 4 vehicles

For expatriates moving to the U.A.E., it is a good idea to carry your No Claims Bonus certificate from your home country since a good driving record can substantially reduce the premium payable. Appointing an insurance broker would be invaluable when it comes to deciding on your car insurance. Your broker will make sure your insurance coverage is adequate, pricing competitive and your insurer is reputable. And more importantly, a broker will help you decide what cover works best for you. For more information on motor insurance, or for a quote, contact us on 04-3573577 or email