About Contractor’s All Risk/Erection All Risk Insurance

The core idea of Contractors/Erection All Risk insurance is to offer the insured protection against losses sustained as a result of undertaken contract works, or damages to equipment and/or construction machinery and other related assets.
Contractors/Erection All Risk insurance also covers the company in the case of litigation arising from a third party, which may include third party property damage or bodily injury arising in connection with the execution of a building project.
Contractor’s/Erection All Risk insurance provides an “all risks” cover, which means that every hazard is covered unless specifically excluded.
The cover normally attaches as from the commencement of work, or after the items have been unloaded at the site, and terminates when the completed structure is taken over or put into service.

Do I need Contractor’s All Risk/Erection All Risk Insurance?

Whilst it is not required by law, Contrator’s All Risk/Erection All Risk Insurance is often demanded as part of an industry standard when entering into contracts.
Moreover, it safeguards your company against the natural risks that occur within construction or erection, and ensures you are protected against any potential liability.
For more information regarding Contractor’s All Risk or Erection All Risk Insurance, feel free to get in touch .