About Our Fire & Allied Perils/Property All Risk Insurance Cover

Your property is your most important asset; or where your business is conducted. Ensuring its safety so that your investment, and more importantly your future, is safeguarded is paramount to your financial longevity.
Property All Risk and Fire & Allied Perils Insurance offer similar coverages to your property, with Property All Risk offering a greater spectrum of coverage.
At their core, both Property All Risk and Fire & Allied Perils protect your property against accidents, physical loss, destruction or damage to your property. Not only will your property and the damage it sustains be covered under these policies, but also may include the loss of profits sustained during this period.
The key difference between the two is that in the case of Fire & Allied Perils, policies tend to be issued by choosing what additional perils will be covered whereas Property All Risk policies will cover all risks initially will be defined by what risks are excluded rather than adding more.

Do I need Fire & Allied Perils/Property All Risk Insurance Cover?

Whilst it is not required by the UAE law ensuring your property is protected can be paramount to ensuring its longevity.
Your investment in your property, and its contents is protected and can be a key indicator of financial stability in the unfortunate case of significant damage.
For more information on which policy would be best suited to you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.