About Our Group Life & Personal Accident Insurance Cover

Your company’s employees and their wellbeing are paramount to the longevity of your company. Group Life and Personal Accident cover protects your employees against the unfortunate event the insured passes away or is permanently disabled and unable to work.
Moreover, when coupled with Employer’s Liability Insurance, your Group Life and Personal Accident insurance will ensure that you meet the requirements of UAE Federal Law No. (8) of 1980 that requires all companies to hold a Workmen’s Compensation policy, and ensures that your company is safeguarded against any liability in the event of an employee accident.
It also breathes confidence into your employees and demonstrates that your company is concerned for their safety and their family’s well-being.

Do I need Group Life & Personal Accident Insurance?

UAE Federal Law No. (8) of 1980 states that companies are required to pay compensation to their employees for any accident or injury at work, and hence Workmen’s Compensation is compulsory for all businesses in the UAE including those in freezones. By taking a Group Life & Personal Accident policy, you not only meet that requirement but also present a significant attraction towards potential employees and staff retention.
By taking a Group Life & Personal Accident policy you are ensuring that your company and its most valuable asset, your employees, are safeguarded against accidents and their effects.

For more information on our Group Life & Personal Accident cover, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.