About Business Interruption Cover

Business Interruption Cover is a key cover for businesses of all kinds. At its core Business Interruption Insurance covers your business against the loss of income in the case of a disaster or fire that halts business operations.
Business Interruption Insurance differs from property insurance in that it covers the profits that would have been earned had your operations continued, rather than simply the property or asset themselves. In short, Business Interruption Cover is designed to put your company in the same financial position it would be in if a disaster did not occur.
At Pioneer Insurance Brokers, we provide Business Interruption Cover to a range of clients from distributors to professional services firms.
Business Interruption Cover can be arranged separately, or as a part of your property insurance policy.
For more information about our Business Interruption insurance cover, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Do I need Business Interruption Cover?

Whilst many business owners see the value in insuring their assets against the possibilities of disasters or fires, a key challenge to those owners is the time and more importantly the revenue lost during that time.
Expenses to the business will continue even after a disaster, and ensuring that your business is in a financially stable position until your operations restart will be key to its longevity. The business interruption insurance can cover expenses such rent, salaries, electricity and even bank interests.