About Our Machinery Breakdown Insurance Cover

Your machinery is important to your business and represents a core tenant behind your business. Unfortunately, machinery and related equipment are often subject to unforeseen breakdowns or damage.
Machinery Breakdown insures your equipment/machinery and protects it against loss or damage due to electrical or mechanical breakdown. Machinery Breakdown Insurance at its core protects your business by ensuring that the unplanned breakdown of machinery does not affect your bottom line.

Do I need Machinery Breakdown Insurance Cover?

Machinery Breakdown Insurance is not required by law, but it is widely accepted as an industry standard. For many businesses, their machinery represents one of their most valuable assets with machines being valued in the millions.
Ensuring your investment is safe cannot be overstated, moreover ensuring that your company does not have to re-invest significant amounts in new machinery could be crucial to your company’s bottom line.
Machinery Breakdown Insurance can also be extended to an “all risks” cover, wherein all possible risks are insured unless specifically excluded.
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