About Money Insurance

Many businesses in the UAE carry significant amounts of money to ensure they meet the needs of their clients or simply as a means to conduct day to day business. However, unlike the money that you would place in a bank, cash inherently is less secure and presents certain perils such as theft, loss or risks presented during transit.
Money Insurance covers against these risks, by providing you a secure backing for the money employed by your business to serve your clients. Money Insurance covers several types of money including cash, notes, cheques or even securities.
Your Money Insurance policy can cover everything from cash placed in a safe to cheques lost in transit.
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Do I need Money Insurance?

Operating with cheques and cash is a frequent occurrence in day-to-business, by adopting a Money Insurance policy you are ensuring that your bottom line is secure.
Almost every company in the UAE still conducts a portion of their business with cash, and ensuring that these assets are safe and secure will ensure your company and its future is protected.