About Medical Malpractice Insurance Cover

Medical Malpractice Insurance is a mandatory cover for all medical professionals practicing in the U.A.E. At its core, Medical Malpractice Cover is a professional indemnity policy that has been specifically designed for those who are involved in the medical profession including doctors, nurses, technicians etc.
Medical Malpractice Insurance provides cover for various possibilities to our clients, including expenses incurred for court charges and lawyers’ fees. You will be safeguarded against the compensation that may be rewarded to patients in the case of litigation.
At Pioneer Insurance Brokers we work with hospitals, laboratories, clinics, physicians and medical staff to provide a comprehensive medical malpractice insurance.
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Do I need Medical Malpractice Insurance?

Besides being a requirement in the UAE for all registered medical professionals, Medical Malpractice Insurance is important as it provides a safeguard to all medical professionals against the natural risks that go hand in hand with their profession.
Medical malpractice insurance is important for anyone specializing in the medical field. We work with physicians, theatre staff, general practitioners and more.
Pioneer Insurance Brokers works with all medical practitioners as well as institutions such as medical centres and hospitals to provide their staff with comprehensive cover against any claims that may arise as a result of an accident or malpractice. We know how to assess your personal needs and provide you with cover that will suit your pocket and your requirements as a professional.